A B O U T   M E

My love for art started at a young age. As a child who excelled at day dreaming (and still do), I was always drawing imaginary worlds or involved in all kinds of craft work.


My love for clay however didn't start until much later in my adult life. I was working as a graphic designer then and feeling very much at crossroads. When I took a hiatus from work, I enrolled in a clay workshop at my local community centre and fell in love with handbuilding. Creating a tactile piece from a drawing was such an exciting prospect for me and rather moreish.


My creations are small-scale and are non-functional. They start off as slabbuilt sculptures with streamlined forms which take on a personality and expression of their own as time progresses. Some are poignant, others just a little bit kooky and some evolve completely into the unexpected. They are like friends whom one has a soft spot for even though they aren't quite perfect. I love what I do and am continously learning as I go. Nothing makes me happier than seeing another person connect emotionally with my work. 


To gain more of an insight into what makes me tick and my most current works in progress, have a look at my instagram @yen.yen.lo


And if you'd like to know when I'll be updating my online store, please sign up to my mailing list in the 'contact' tab in my online store.


Online Shop: https://yenyenlo.bigcartel.com/

Instagram: @yen.yen.lo


© 2020 All artwork and designs by Yen Yen Lo

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